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ManageĀ FSC Certification

Apply for FSC CoC Certification of your company today. Speak to us to find out how we can help you with managing your FSC & PEFC Certification without getting suspended or terminated.

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Have an Issue? Wish to Report a Complaint on Forestry Related Matters?

Register and report an issue for a greater good. Certified companies can avail our complaint management system for improving their process.

Our Work

We help all stakeholders, like certificate holders, buyers and aspiring certificate holders, in getting their processes right. Enabling them to have a better understanding of FSC certification in India.

Understanding FSC

Find out more about FSC certification, is it necessary for you? Is it mandatory or you could do with FSC sourcing

Planning to get certified, we could help you setup your processes to get through FSC audits, manage documentations

FSC Complaints

Help you establish and manage FSC and POA complaints through a systematic approach, and to meet standard's requirements

FSC Certification Bodies

Find out the right FSC certification bodies in India to help you get certified in the most cost effective manner

Retail Assistance

Verify FSC certified sales claims, not everything you buy as FSC certified may essentially be FSC certified

FSC Standards

Learn more about applicable FSC Standards, the requirements of the FSC standards and industry best practices

Learn more about FSC CoC Standard (Chain of Custody), applicable to companies at large, speak to us to know more

FSC in India has been issuing certificates since early 2009, paper mills were the first few certificate holders

Way back when

We decided to move

forward with building

this interactive portal, FSC certification was not much sought out for. Today, with increasing demand, challenges have gone up and making a decision has become difficult. We guide various stakeholders on FSC certification.

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We offer research opportunity to forestry graduates on internship basis only. Forestry graduates could apply and explore internship opportunities with us, all internship would be on work from home basis.

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